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  • PCA ONLINE was formed at the turn of the millennium to offer consumers a more productive and enjoyable Internet experience, from the most affordable SEAMEWE4 submarine connectivity to the most sophisticated on-line support in the business. PCA ONLINE aims at providing fastest and technically sound Internet connectivity by using the most advanced and reliable equipment available.  The company is offering Internet service through  Broadband Internet through Optical Fiber, Redio Link and UTP.

  • Web Development

    PCA ONLINE is consists of highly knowledgeable web programmers and innovative graphics, animation, flash designers and art directors. Web is the complex mix of elegance design and skillful programming devoted to market a product or service of an organization. Creating a powerful web site requires the convergence of design and technology. PCA ONLINE creates creative, quality web sites that any web user will find both informative and unique. The Company develops wide range of web sites includes - Static, Dynamic and Interactive web sites. The department undertakes only international quality projects.

  • Network: Wan, Man, Lan
    PCA ONLINE can offer a wide range of very flexible solutions for both Internet and Intranet connectivity. Each customer’s unique need for geographical coverage, Internet or Intranet Bandwidth, throughput and performance can be met by PCA ONLINE's Fiber Optic, Radio Link services.
  • Ssoftware Department

    Our software department has one of the most knowledge developer teams in the country. The Department capable of producing error free quality software as per client's requirements. The software department values project management in terms of quality and effectiveness. It means for a project completions, the department assumes all the possible constrains and determines the effective way to overcome these constrains without compromising the quality.

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House # 06 (3rd Floor), Road # 13, Nikunja-2, Khilkhet, Dhaka-1229, Bangladesh.


+880-1755516160, +880-1755516161

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880-2-8917589, 880-28917558, 880-1755516172, 880-1712918689


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